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Informations / Help regarding the ordering process

As you browse the galleries, bear in mind that many of the pictures have not been edited for color or cropped. Also, for the purposes of the web, the pictures you see on the site have been downsized and watermarked. Choose your photos based on the action and aesthetics of the photo.
Quite often, photos will be cropped and color corrected to emphasize the player in the photo and your final print may not look exactly the same as it does in the gallery. Actually... it will look better!

Question: Can I buy pictures ?
Answer : Of course you can ! We offer quality prints on high quality photo paper; either true photographic paper or digital print paper (depending on the size / product).
We offer different print sizes from 15x20 cm up to 50 x 70 cm.
The pictures can also be used to create posters & collages, on products like mugs, t-shirts, ...
You can also purchase a CD with high resolution digital files, that can you can then use to make the print you want as you want.
Please check the products & service page for more information about prints & products.

Question: How to order ?
Answer : There are 2 options :
- you can use the shopping cart system that is integrated in the website / galleries ( see "How to use the shopping cart" below for more details)
- you can order by email. Send us an email (info@event-pics.be) with the "Image ID" of the pictures that you want to order as well as the sizes. This "Image ID" is a number that can be found below the big images (for example Image ID : 6968).

Question: How to use the shopping cart ?
Answer : It's very easy.
We have made a short video (flash player required) that shows you how to use the site and order (the video will open in a new window).
Please contact us if you have problems.

Question: Can I get smaller prints ?
Answer : 10x15cm & 13x18cm prints are not available on the website, but they are available for those who want to purchase a large amount of pictures (20 pictures or more).
This is an ideal solution for Scrapbooking fans.

Question: What are the shipping / handling costs ?
Answer : These costs covers the processing of your order, from the printing of the file to the packaging and shipping. These costs may change depending of the content of the order :
- for orders with only small prints (up to 20x30cm) or a CD it's 3 €
- for orders with prints bigger than 20x30cm or containing other items (mugs, t-shirts, ...) it's 7 €

Question: About shipping
Answer : Shipping rates depend on the size of the order and will be indicated on the online order form.
Please be advised that the time between the date your order is placed and the date it is shipped may vary throughout the year. Delivery will usually range beween 2-3 weeks, but during some busy periods (summer), it can be 4 to 6 weeks.
We will do our best to keep the delays as short as possible.

Question: How can I pay ?
Answer : You can pay via wire transfer or via Credit card thanks to Paypal.
To pay via Credit card, you need to click on the Paypal button on the page after your order is confirmed; for wire transfer, the payment information are sent to you via email.

Question: What camera equipment and lenses do you use ?
Answer : Photos are taken with professional cameras from Canon; an EOS 1D MkIII (10 frames per second) and a 7D that can shoot 8 frames/second. The lenses used are professional grade lenses from Canon and Sigma : Canon 17-40/4 L, Canon 24-70/2.8 L USM, Canon 70-200/2.8 L IS USM, Sigma 120-300/2.8 HSM EX, ...

Question: Can I cancel my order / get a refund ?
Answer : Cancelling an order and getting a refund is not possible once the order processing has started. Therefore, cancellations, if desired, must be made as soon as possible after placing the order.
Once the order has been processed and/or received, no refunds will be given.
If you are not satisfied with your photos after receiving them, please contact us at +32 (0)496 18 32 35 so that we can find a solution. Orders can be corrected and reprinted to get the result that you expected.